Curry Patty (Frozen) 🌶️


Inspired by the Original Cornish Pasty, Jamaican Curry Patties come in a variety of flavours from Beef to Vegetable, Chicken and more! Mixed with Cumin and Curry Spices from the Indian Influences found in Jamaican heritage, fillings have a spiced curry-like flavour.

Their distinct signature golden-yellow colour comes from the Turmeric used in the production of the flaky pastry shell, which turns a beautiful golden colour when baked. This delicacy is a true reflection of the fusion of cultures found in Jamaican heritage which make our foods so rich and flavoursome. It’s definitely one to try next time you visit!

🌶️ – Mild

❄️ – This product ships frozen, and will need to be heated in an oven

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    Allergen Information

    Allergens Vegetable Chicken Beef
    Crustaceans No No No
    Eggs Yes Yes Yes
    Fish No No No
    Peanuts No No No
    Soybeans No No No
    Milk No No No
    Nuts No No No
    Celery Yes Yes Yes
    Mustard Yes Yes Yes
    Sesame No No No
    Sulphites No No No
    Lupin No No No
    Molluscs No No No
    Gluten Yes Yes Yes

    Products are made in an environment which contains nuts and seeds.

    All products are made in a gluten environment. Therefore, would not be suitable for consumers with allergies or intolerances to cereals containing (wheat).

    If you require more information on specific ingredients and allergens, please Contact Us.

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