Large Fritter (Frozen) 🌶️


Influenced by popular Indian street snacks such as Pakora and Bhaji’s brought to Jamaica by Indian settlers. The Jamaican Fritter comes in many flavours and variations including: Vegetable, Saltfish and Chicken!

Indo-Caribbean herbs and spices are blended with flour, baking powder and water to create an airy aromatic batter. Fillings are added before pan frying to create a crispy outer shell with a fluffy batter inside!

🌶️ – Mild

❄️ – This product ships frozen, and will need to be heated in an oven

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  • Description


    Allergen Information

    Allergens Vegetable Chicken Saltfish
    Crustaceans No No Yes
    Eggs No No No
    Fish No No Yes
    Peanuts No No No
    Soybeans No No No
    Milk No No No
    Nuts No No No
    Celery Yes Yes Yes
    Mustard Yes Yes Yes
    Sesame No No No
    Sulphites No No No
    Lupin No No No
    Molluscs No No No
    Gluten Yes Yes Yes

    Products are made in an environment which contains nuts and seeds.

    All products are made in a gluten environment. Therefore, would not be suitable for consumers with allergies or intolerances to cereals containing (wheat).

    If you require more information on specific ingredients and allergens, please Contact Us.

  • Additional information

    Additional information


    Vegetable, Chicken, Saltfish

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